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So you can do it all. Really?

Is doing it all when short-staffed a good thing? So many times, we find ourselves short-staffed, Someone leaves, we add a new area, or there is a budget cut. As hard as it is to release a staff person, it can be even harder to get the staff position back when the time comes. If you are an overachiever and your remaining team members have "made: things happen without the position, it is even more complicated. The powers that be can feel like, "why should we add staff when things are happening anyway.

I always try to point out the things that aren't happening. If the head of the department is dealing with the minutia of an event, then who is stewarding the donors as they come in, who is coaxing prospects into the fold. Those are just some of the things concerning the event. What about all of the non-event projects. What about properly managing the staff. Antone with reports knows that properly working with a team takes time and patience. Both of which are in short supply when you are short-staffed.

So what can you do? First, go ahead and write up the job description for the position you need to fill. Then, do some research and figure out what the salary range ought to be. Be realistic. If you have regular meetings with your CEO or ED, bite the bullet and give them the job description. Make it clear you are not looking to fill it immediately, but the time is coming. I would also make it clear to my board committee that you are short-staffed and that the time is coining when you will need an additional staff person.

I would not let the important things drop or suffer, but I would keep track of the projects and outreach that simply isn't happening because of time. The next move would be to plan a budget with this staff person to begin the budgeting process for the next year. Be sure to show an increase in income because of the person and the time freed up for you to use.

This process could take some time, but the position will happen organically. The key is to show how you can be more productive, and the organization will re-coup the investment in the added staff person.


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