Since the last post, there has been a good deal of responses and conversation concerning the previous blog. So, call me a dog with a bone, but it is hard to get past the number of conference sessions and webinars encouraging "LOVE" language to our donors. Again, we should respect, admire, and be grateful to everyone who donates, no matter the amount.

Fundraisers work hard for our supporters to know how much they mean to us with a robust stewardship program that includes letters, emails, phone calls, and handwritten notes. All depending on the level of their gift and our understanding of their ability to support the organization. But do we "LOVE" them? When it comes right down to it, we have a transactional relationship that includes not just a mug or canvas bag. Both the fundraiser and the organization have a connection to each and every donor. We try to understand why they give and what giving means to them. We must remain donor-centric.

We need to continue to look at our jobs through a trauma-informed lens. We have to ask if there is a chance of doing some harm either to ourselves or to the donor. Neither of us deserves that, especially when it is unnecessary to do our jobs successfully.

For more information on "LOVE" language, why it isn't necessary, and a mental health professional's view, see our last thoughtful post on trauma-informed fundraising. You can find it below below, or at

This "bone" needs to continue to be shaken because fundraisers and donors deserve honest, thoughtful, and mentally healthy jobs and donor relationships. Let's continue to choose to prioritize authentic, thoughtful, mindfulness relationships with donors.


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