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: serious and quiet because you are thinking: done or made after careful thinking   : done or made after careful thinking: showing concern for the needs or : showing concern for the needs of feelings of other people

It is my considered opinion that social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and the like, are the least thoughtful tools available to fundraisers.  There I said it – and you know it's true. 

Even the term “Social Media” means different things depending on who you are and how you want to use it. So let’s start by defining social media.

The dictionary defines social media as –

so·cial me·di·a


websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Does your organization use social media as the definition suggest- “enable users to create and share content?” or are you spending long hours creating content? Even worse are you doing nothing on social media beyond initially setting up the sites.

The following are articles, blog posts and websites that I have found enlightening. I use them with my students and clients because I think they speak to many of the issues faced by non-profits trying to use social media.

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I have used MailChimp for years and not just for sending E-Correspondence. It is great for website sign up forms and event registration. The best part is it integrates with lots of other apps and is FREE up to a point. To register and learn more click on FREDDIE!

I recommend...


I have used Suteground or a ny=umer of years for hosting bith full websites and domains usrd for emails.  They support all of the major CCM and CRM system. The also have a number of free extensions and apps. Most importantlh they have put a great deal of time and resources into customer support. Click here to receive a discount. and to learn more about their services.


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